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Is At Home Whitening Safe? Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta Weighs In

We all want a whiter smile. But is it really safe to use at-home whitening kits? Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta weighs in. “At-home whitening procedures are generally safe for most people to use,” says Dr. Roach. “However, if they are not used correctly and judiciously, they can pose some adverse effects to your dental health and the integrity of your teeth.” 

Long-term and unneeded use of whitening products can severely impact your overall dental health. “You should always use whitening kits with the advice and guidance of a trained dental professional. And never apply them for longer than the recommended time frame – usually about 14 days,” advises Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta.  

Choose Your Products Wisely Says Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta

“You should also be careful about which products you’re using, especially if you have fragile or sensitive teeth,” continues Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta. “Not all whitening products are created equal.” Like most dentists, Dr. Roach advises that you only use products suggested by a registered dentist or products that have the seal of approval from the American Dental Association – or a local government body that has the authority to license the whitening tools. 

What Are The Dangers of Improperly Whitening Your Teeth? Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta Discusses 

According to Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta, there are several adverse effects you could suffer as a result of applying whitening products incorrectly or wearing them for too long. 

“Your teeth can become sensitive after prolonged use of whitening products. The enamel thins and the nerves in the dentin are closer to the surface. You may also experience tooth erosion, gingival irritation, loss of mineral content in your teeth, and even damage to the pulp of your teeth,” explains Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta

Even though teeth whitening appears to lighten stains and yellowing, overusing the products can actually result in long-term discoloration and damage to your dental fillings. “The enamel thins and becomes more porous. That’s why we always tell our patients not to partake in tea, coffee, soda, or other staining foods and beverages right after whitening. You could reverse all the good work you just accomplished!” says Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta.  

“That’s why I recommend the Glo whitening method to my patients,” explains Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta. “It’s a safe, easy procedure you can do at home, and I’ll walk you through it step-by-step. Bottom line, whitening at home is generally safe, you just have to follow the instructions and the advice of your dentist.”

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