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Dr. Frank Roach How Your Next Dentist Visit Will Feel Different

As dentist offices around the country slowly reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic Dr. Frank Roach is speaking out about the changes we’ll see.

He thinks patients will begin to notice a few differences in their routine visits. “Dentists, myself included, are doing everything that we can to protect our patients, our staff, and ourselves during this time,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “We’re doing everything we can to help you feel at ease”.

“A lot of our patients were already nervous about visiting us!” jokes Dr. Frank Roach. “But dental health is so vital and we’re here to make sure that you stay as healthy as possible.”

From waiting in your car for a text saying it’s clear to enter the office to special antibacterial mouthwash, dentists are taking special precautions. “It’s going to feel a little strange, a little different. But hopefully, it’s also going to feel safer,” says Dr. Frank Roach. Since coronavirus is spread through droplets, sneezes, coughs, even talking at such a close difference can result in infection.

Dr. Frank Roach describes the safety precautions being taken in his own office. “There will be a lot of personal protection equipment for the patient and the dentist. We are requiring everyone to wear face shields, goggles, masks, gowns, and gloves.”

Patients will be required to wear masks. “We can’t promise one to every patient, but we want to try to provide a mask to any patient who doesn’t have one. Obviously you won’t be wearing it while we work on your mouth – but at all other times it should be worn,” recommends Dr. Frank Roach.

Dr. Frank Roach Discusses State Requirements

Some states are requiring that N95 or equivalent masks be worn by all dentist office staff if they are within six feet of a procedure. “Hygienists will be using different equipment – trying to use cleaning machines with fewer aerosols. It will feel different, unfamiliar, but it is much safer,” says Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta.

“Before any procedure, we will wipe down the entire room – anything that has been touched. You may also be asked to use an antibacterial mouthwash for the protection of the hygienists and the staff,” warns Dr. Frank Roach. “It doesn’t taste great, but we appreciate how willing our patients have been to help us out in our security measures.”

“We know this is a time of anxiety for everyone,” remarks Dr. Frank Roach. “We’ll be doing our best to speak softly, check in on our patients, use gentle touches – we want this to be as stress-free as it can be.”

Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta has been a dentist for over two decades, providing his patients with unparalleled service and access to the latest treatments and technology in dentistry.

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