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Dr. Frank Roach Believes Teeth Whitening Helps Improve Business Success  

Dr. Frank Roach is a well-known dentist and oral health professional who has used teeth whitening to help many of his clients. He believes that this process is one of the essential steps for making a person feel better about themselves. And he also believes that this treatment can also help business people succeed at a higher level. Understanding why is critical when deciding on this care method.

Dr. Frank Roach on Why Teeth Whitening Helps Business Success 

Over the years, Dr. Frank Roach has performed many teeth whitening procedures for people from all walks of life. And he has found, almost universally, that this care option provides benefits that go far beyond a better smile. For example, Dr. Frank Roach has found that business people feel more confident after they get their teeth whitened. This extra confidence occurs for several reasons, each of which is important to understand before getting this care.

First of all, stains on teeth often rob a person of their self-esteem by making them feel less attractive. Often, Dr. Frank Roach states, business people rely heavily on elements such as their smiles to stand out and attract potential partners. And if their smile isn’t as sharp as it was in the past, Dr. Frank Roach finds they may struggle to have the same confidence they once possessed. 

Even worse, stained teeth can highlight problems such as small wrinkles on the face. By making these wrinkles appear more prominently, Dr. Frank Roach states that many business people feel older and lose their all-important confidence. By whitening the teeth, he says it is possible to quickly eliminate these stains and restore a person’s smile to its maximum strength without any issue. 

What about how teeth whitening effects on other people’s perception of you? Dr. Frank Roach states that people typically see white teeth as a sign of success, friendliness, and openness. Unfortunately, he says, stained teeth are often judged harshly – if unconsciously – by people and make it harder for a business person to make and keep connections with people in their field. 

And people with cleaner and whiter teeth often open up because they aren’t as self-conscious about their smile. Dr. Frank Roach has talked with many business people who find that they feel more open to new people and don’t struggle to connect like they did before they whitened their teeth. This benefit is crucial, he states, and can help make it easier for business people to succeed. 

Just as importantly, Dr. Frank Roach says, teeth whitening is an inexpensive way to protect the teeth. By eliminating stains before they spread and become more persistent, he says it is possible to keep them as healthy as possible. For these many reasons, Dr. Frank Roach believes every business person should consider teeth whitening at some point in their life.


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