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Dr. Frank Roach Provides “All-on-Four” procedure to Give Patients a Smile That Lasts a Lifetime

Dr. Frank Roach is recognized for his superb dentistry, his genuine concern for his patients’ well-being, and his focus on using the latest tech in the industry. In line with these beliefs, he provides the revolutionary “All-on-Four” procedure to restore patients’ confidence and give them a lasting set of permanent teeth.

Dr. Frank Roach has practiced dentistry since 1998 and has kept up with evolving trends in technology to provide his patients the best care available. He’s avid about using only the most sophisticated and effective tools in the industry, and provides All-on-Four as a practical solution for many of his patients’ needs. Most patients don’t want to take dentures in and out every day. After the procedure, they have the perfect smile.

“The All-on-Four procedure is a one day appointment and patients don’t feel any discomfort because they’re under general anesthesia during it,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “It’s a great solution that never fails to exceed patient expectations, both immediately and years later. Each case is methodically designed to produce the perfect smile.”

Procedures can be completed in a single day so that patients can go on about their lives without extensive downtime or recovery. It’s an excellent option for patients with missing teeth, those who have poorly-fitting dentures, and those who have periodontal disease. Certain patients who face limited options due to bone loss may actually be ideal candidates for All-on-Four implants. Even patients who think their mouths are hopeless often find they are excellent candidates.

As a graftless solution, the procedure provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis post-surgery using titanium implants that will last a lifetime. Dentists like Dr. Frank Roach first invite patients in for a quick scan (in his case, using state-of-the-art machinery like the CEREC Omnicam) to get precise measurements and placement for the implants. The procedure is quick and painless, and Dr. Frank Roach will administer pain reliever while patients are under so that they experience complete comfort when waking.

“It’s a revolutionary procedure that allows dentists to relieve a lot of everyday pain, discomfort, and burden from false or missing teeth,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “And the quality material ensures that patients never have to worry about their new teeth shifting or falling into disrepair over time. It is truly a game changer for so many patients.”

By getting this procedure, patients receive a lifelong solution that looks and feels natural. The fixed full-arch prosthesis functions with ease and is cleared for use the next day after completing the procedure. While producing dramatic results that boost self-esteem and provide real relief, the All-on-Four procedure is also one of the quickest dental solutions to getting the perfect smile. Traditional alternatives include dental implants with six to ten attachments, compared to the four strong implants of All-on-Four.

“I highly recommend All-on-Four procedures to my clients as they tend to be the most affordable and most appropriate solution to many of their needs,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “Because it’s such a quick, painless process, there’s really not much more you could ask of a single procedure.”

Dr. Frank Roach Employs the CEREC Omnicam In-office for 3D Scans

Dr. Frank Roach

Dr. Frank Roach strives to offer his patients only the latest in technological breakthroughs that deliver thorough and satisfying results without discomfort. Stocking his offices with devices like the CEREC Omnicam, which allows him to take precise 3D scans, Dr. Frank Roach more accurately addresses dental health and provides tailored solutions.

Dr. Frank Roach has been a practicing dentist since 1998, allowing him to work alongside the growing number of dentistry technology and determine the most useful devices. He’s dedicated to providing the best care to his patients by implementing only the top techniques, materials, staff, and technology available. By staying at the forefront of tech advances, Dr. Frank Roach exceed expectations and delivers unparalleled results.

“Technology has come a long way in the past 20 years since I’ve practiced dentistry,” says Dr. Frank Roach. “We aren’t restricted to X-ray devices and models anymore and can employ more accurate technology like the CEREC Omnicam to get precise readings.”
Dr. Frank Roach
The CEREC Omnicam offers powder-free scanning of patients’ jawlines to produce precise 3D scans in natural color. The Omnicam device offers unrivaled handling thanks to its sleek design and lightweight, as well as an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in-hand. The scanning process is easier and more intuitive than ever and allows dentists to scan teeth with sophisticated CEREC software to expand the treatments spectrum to broader applications (such as aligner treatment).

The device allows dentists to take coating- and powder-free scans of patients’ teeth, which is ultimately far more comfortable to the patient and saves professionals an extra work step. Instead of relying on a traditional impression trays, the CEREC Omnicam uses a powerful camera to map out comprehensive 3D scans in color.

Not only more comfortable for the patient, health professionals such as Dr. Frank Roach benefit from the ergonomic and compact design of the Omnicam. The unique camera makes the difficult process of scanning posterior teeth easy and quick and allows dentists to scan upper and lower jaws without adjusting their natural working posture–regardless if the patient sits upright or reclines. Dr. Frank Roach

“Before the Omnicam, dentists required patients to bite down on impression trays,” says Dr. Frank Roach, “but today performing scans is as easy as shining a light into a patient’s mouth. The process is seamless and doesn’t require anything extraneous from dentists or patients.”

CEREC Omnicam allows informative scanning with a pass of the device’s camera, which pairs up with the accompanying CEREC software to automate the designing process and make it more precise. The “guided scanning” feature makes digital impressions of the entire jaw quickly. The entire process is user-friendly, and the simple handling means impressions can be performed by an assistant if needed.

“The engineers at CEREC have a created a highly-efficient and compact product that benefits everyone involved,” says Dr. Frank Roach, “professionals and patients alike.”